SMA Taruna Mandara

Background Story

Senior High School (SMA) which shall be established by Yayasan Mandara Sejati (YMS) is solely initiated due to the high number of students from Junior High School coming from underprivileged family in Bali, is unable to continue their education due to their financial condition as well as the limited number of intake provided by current public institution. SMA Taruna Mandara is established upon the purpose to eradicate poverty in the Island of Gods, Bali and shall collaborated harmoniously with SMAN Bali Mandara.

SMAN Bali Mandara which had been established by the Provincial Government of Bali in 2011, during my term as Governor along with establishment of SMKN Bali Mandara in 2016, can only accept the maximum intake of 200 students from underprivileged background. Meanwhile, the number of applicant in yearly basis had reached the number of 900 students. It incites me the question, “Where would all the 700 students which had not been accommodated yearly go?”

SMA Taruna Mandara, whose name was the combination of SMA Taruna Nusantara in Magelang-Central Java and SMA Negeri Bali Mandara in Buleleng-Bali, both reputable public school which share great amount of reception nationwide, had been proven to produce quality graduates acceptable in reputable universities both national and global level.

Methods applied in both aforementioned school shall be boarding school system, however with extreme differences in origin of students and financing system. SMA Taruna Nusantara shall oblige its student candidates to be academically outstanding and finance their study independently until graduation. Meanwhile, SMAN Bali Mandara shall oblige its candidate to come from impoverished family but with great spirit to pursue their study and education, with all costs and expenses borne by the Provincial Budget of Provincial Government of Bali annually.

SMA Taruna Mandara shall adopt all excellence from aforementioned schools, in following: boarding school system, high discipline, network of reputable universities both nationwide and global, and supported by adequate means and infrastructure. Support by professional teachers and management is expected to bring this school to exist and present equally with its predecessors, and able to produce quality graduates ready to enter reputable universities nationwide or globally, and able to compete as independent entrepreneurs.


“A Leading School for Future Leaders and Entrepreneurs”.


To create human resources which:To create human resources which:

  • Quality, intelligent, firm, and resilient with strong character as nation’s patriot.
  • Master the values and insight of leadership
  • Master the value and insight of entrepreneurship
  • Shares great awareness upon local, national, and global issues.

School Fees

  • Students shall not be borne any form of obligations whatsoever.
  • Students shall live in provided dormitory by the school, which all living cost and expenses shall be solely borne by the Foundation.
  • All educational and living cost, tuition and expenses shall be borne by the Foundation, and may supported by any other means of non-binding scholarship or financial contribution by the donors.

School Design Plan


  • SMA Taruma Mandara shall admit 120 students annually
  • Partially shall be located for students which are not admitted in SMAN/SMKN Balli Mandara
  • Partially shall ne self-recruited with the requirement of impoverished or underprivileged background of family in Bali and strong commitment to pursue study and education.

Teachers/Instructors and Management

  • Students shall be taught by professional teachers, with outstanding competence on each respective subjects taught, in compliance with the Standard provided by Ministry of Education and Culture of Republic of Indonesia.
  • Student shall be trained by professional instructors, with outstanding competence on each respective extra curriculars, or other supporting activities.
  • School shall be managed by professional and qualified management in accordance with its competence.

Curriculum & Academics

SMA Taruna Mandara shall apply National Curriculum and gradually enriched with International Curriculum, which shall enable the students to be admitted in reputable international universities or having career in international corporations upon completion of studies.

Non-Academic Activities

Non-Academic Activities in SMA Taruna Mandara shall be comprised upon:

  • Extracurricular activities ranging from sport, arts, literature, science club, scout, self-skill, and entrepreneurship.
  • Leadership training activities.

Cooperation with School/Universities

In order to improve the quality of education, SMA Taruna Mandara shall initiate cooperation with reputable schools and universities both nationwide and global also governmental/private institutions/other non-governmental organizations who share common interest and commitment to excel the quality of education and graduates of SMA Taruna Mandara.

Forms of cooperation shall be: exchange of teachers, aid of school training, scholarship for students and teachers, student exchange, internship, and other cooperation that may deemed fit and favorable to both parties.

Graduates Prospect

Schools will also involve in facilitating each graduare to continue and pursue their higher studies to universities in Indonesia, state-sponsored institutions, start career in local enterprise, national or international corporations, or start up as entrepreneur with assistance of capital.


Thus, every graduates of SMA Taruna Mandara shall be accommodated in universities, work filed, or entrepreneurship.