Yayasan Mandara Sejati

Yayasan Mandara Sejati (YMS) was founded to dedicated its establishment to serve others, especially underprivileged ones. YMS was inspired by the inconvenient truth over the poverty which still engulfs the Balinese. Poverty which shall resulted to low intelligence perception, shall cause inadequate skill which create incapability in seizing prosperity.

Government had exerted several efforts to resolve this matter, however due to gravity and other obstacles it had not been handled wholly. A great amount of children from underprivileged families had to cease their basic education since Junior High and forced to enter the work with limited skills circumstances.

Annually, SMA – SMK Bali Mandara, which had been established by the Provincial Government of Bali can only withstand the capacity of 200 intake students. Meanwhile, the number of applicants coming from the underprivileged background is approximately 900 persons. It shall be upon such basis, YMS was founded by establishing Senior High School (SMA) which later shall accommodate the remaining portion of the intake from underprivileged background.

This school shall adopt the model which had been previously applied in SMA Bali Mandara, in which the students shall be placed in a boarding school, with no school expenses and/or tuition borne. Aforementioned school shall be named SMA Taruna Mandara, due to its hybrid combination of education system which had been previously applied in SMA Bali Mandara and SMA Taruna Nusantara in Magelang. The boarding school shall be built upon a plot of land with the approximate area of + 4 hectares located in Kaliasem, Banjar District, Buleleng Regency, Bali.

SMA Taruna Mandara shall be managed by professional teachers with high dedication and strong commitment to educate to future generations and liberate them from the whirlpool of poverty and ignorance.


Founder :
Made Mangku Pastika

Supervisors :
1. Ni Made Ayu Putri

Management :
Ketua : Putu Pasek Sandoz Prawirottama
Sekretaris : Nyoman Wicaksana Wirajati
Bendahara : Made Diah Sekar Mayangsari