Drs. Made Mangku Pastika, MM

Yayasan Mandara Sejati

Yayasan Mandara Sejati (YMS) was founded to dedicate its establishment to serve others, especially the underprivileged ones. YMS was inspired by the inconvenient truth over the poverty which still engulfs the Balinese.

Poverty which shall resulted to low intelligence perception, shall cause inadequate skill which create incapability in seizing prosperity. Government had exerted several efforts to resolve this matter, however due to gravity and other obstacles, it had not been handled wholly.

SMA Taruna Mandara

Senior High School (SMA) which shall be established by Yayasan Mandara Sejati (YMS) is solely initiated due to the high number of students from Junior High School coming from underprivileged family in Bali, is unable to continue their education due to their financial condition as well as the limited number of intake provided by current public institution.

SMA Taruna Mandara is established upon the purpose to eradicate poverty in the Island of Gods, Bali and shall collaborated harmoniously with SMAN Bali Mandara.

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